Neon sign

A neon sign can be an excellent way to make your business more noticeable. In addition, a neon sign is also a great way to improve the atmosphere of a home or store. Does your business premise currently barely stand out among the surrounding homes and stores? Then a neon sign can make a huge difference. An illuminated sign immediately attracts attention and also makes your business more atmospheric. Would you like to have a neon sign made? Then you have come to the right place. We can make a custom neon sign of high quality for you.

Our best selling designs

Have a neon sign made to measure

In our webshop you have the opportunity to order ready-made neon signs, but you can also create your own design. This is very easy to do through the neon configurator in our shop. With this tool you can create your own design. You fill in the text that should be on the neon sign. Then you choose a font and the color of the letters. In addition, you also specify what dimensions the neon sign should get. Finally, you can also specify whether it should be an outdoor or indoor neon sign. The price in the configurator will change immediately if you make an adjustment that affects the cost. This way you also know what it costs to have the neon sign made.

Would you like to have a unique neon sign made and you can’t find the desired design in our configurator? Then you can contact us so that we can create a design for you. For example, we can create a neon sign in the shape of your own logo. If you have a neon logo made, we will email you a design first. Only after you agree, we will start working on realizing the design.

Handmade neon signs of high quality

If you have a neon sign made by us, the neon letters will be made by hand. For that reason, you can have almost any design realized by us. To make the neon sign we only use high quality components. This makes our neon signs sturdy and you can also be sure of a long life. Our LED neon letters are also durable.

Neon signs made by The Neon Company

If you have a neon sign made by us, the sign comes standard with mounting material and a power cable. This gives you the opportunity to immediately attach the neon sign to the facade or wall. We value your privacy and you can pay securely through our webshop.

Do you have questions about the neon signs or our possibilities? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you create a unique neon sign that you can enjoy for a long time.

Where we stand out

Quality, service and reliability are our number one priorities. Careful productions and durable materials are our focus. The Neon Company always offers the lowest price guarantee. How do we do that in combination with durable and qualitative PowerLEDs®? You can read about it on our ‘About us’ page.